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Aug 29

Mr. Fancy Pants!

A Guy This Fancy, You Call Mister

Nefertiti Overdrive Quickstart has been sent to layout and my crew in Ottawa has settled in to A Team of Losers Pulp Edition, so I have no more pressing design issues. There is work to be done on Nefertiti Overdrivesince I want it to be 90-100% complete before the Kickstarter (trying not to contemplate what happens if it fails to fund again), but this is not…

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Aug 28

Accidental Survivors 97: Gen Con and D&D

This episode, Chris (the bastard) talks about his Gen Con experience, and then Chris, Rob, and Fraser discuss the Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook, now released.

Accidental Survivors 97: Gen Con and D&D

This episode, Chris (the bastard) talks about his Gen Con experience, and then Chris, Rob, and Fraser discuss the Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook, now released.

Aug 27


My latest thing, as anyone who follows this blog will know, is Borderlands. It’s not the first and it won’t be the last bright, shiny object. The world is so full of inspiration – especially in the entertainment media – I can’t help but constantly consider adapting an idea or property to RPGs.

For me, it all started with the Lord of the Rings(the novels). I was into LotR before I even started…

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Aug 25

Pandora Quirk

Okay, first off, I need a better title for the game than Pandora Excess. Just doesn’t do it for me.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about (the game that will soon not be called) Pandora Excess.

In most of my published games, I’ve used Pivots or something similar as a way to provide advancement, to improve characters. Borderlandshas an experience point system not unlike the most famous…

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Aug 22

Mandarins of Manchukuo - the Supernatural Opponents

Mandarins of Manchukuo – the Supernatural Opponents

A supernatural adventure is no good without supernatural opponents. The PCs encountered a few of these in “Mandarins of Manchukuo,” but rather than being based on actual mythic lore, these were based on mass media adaptations.

The first of these, and the one that the PCs heard the most about before encountering, were the White Water Witches. These twins – Susu and Qingqing – were based on the…

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Aug 20

Mandarins of Manchukuo - the Supernatural Allies

Mandarins of Manchukuo – the Supernatural Allies

The pulp A Team of Losers campaign on which my Ottawa group has embarked is going to be a kind of The Losers/A-Team by way of Raiders of the Lost Ark/Supernatural. Maybe a weird melange, but it turned out well enough for the group to vote for it over Starship Commandos and a planned Borderlands/Guardians of the Galaxy homebrew.

In the first adventure, the group encountered a few creatures – some…

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Aug 18

Getting Pulped

It’s official. My Ottawa group has voted for the pulp adventure version of A Team of Losers. They completed the first adventure, part of what is planned as a world-spanning search for mystical artifacts which will intersect with (poorly researched) local myth and lore.

“Pulp Mystery” by estivador on deviantart.

The team right now includes Dr. Nicholas Hollows, eminent archaeologist with a…

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Aug 14

Paying for Savage Zanzibar

Paying for Savage Zanzibar

Playing in the Victorian-era, even alt-history, one needs to deal with the money question. Not only is the value of money different, the names and interchange of money is also different. I did only cursory research, given that money was not the heart of the game, but here’s what I deduced for Savage Zanzibar.

Most of the explorers and merchants of Savage Zanzibar were still British. Although in…

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Aug 11

Having A Drink in Savage Zanzibar

Having A Drink in Savage Zanzibar

Originally, for Savage Zanzibar, it was going to be a European-style city in Africa, kind of like Macau was a Mediterranean city in Asia. That changed during the development, but before it became a German colony, I had completed some preparatory work. Specifically, I made a selection of pub names and descriptions that could be used whenever the PCs found such an establishment. I was going to do…

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Aug 08

Lives in Savage Zanzibar

Lives in Savage Zanzibar

Ewart Scott Grogan, explorer circa 1900

As part of Savage Zanzibar (a name I’m using now but did not use when I was working on the project), I created a selection of pre-generated characters. This was not due to the intrinsic linking of the characters to the plot (my usual reason for pre-gens in home game) but due to ease of use for the players (my usual reason for pre-gens at a con).

Here are…

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