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Aug 20

Mandarins of Manchukuo - the Supernatural Allies

Mandarins of Manchukuo – the Supernatural Allies

The pulp A Team of Losers campaign on which my Ottawa group has embarked is going to be a kind of The Losers/A-Team by way of Raiders of the Lost Ark/Supernatural. Maybe a weird melange, but it turned out well enough for the group to vote for it over Starship Commandos and a planned Borderlands/Guardians of the Galaxy homebrew.

In the first adventure, the group encountered a few creatures – some…

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Aug 18

Getting Pulped

It’s official. My Ottawa group has voted for the pulp adventure version of A Team of Losers. They completed the first adventure, part of what is planned as a world-spanning search for mystical artifacts which will intersect with (poorly researched) local myth and lore.

“Pulp Mystery” by estivador on deviantart.

The team right now includes Dr. Nicholas Hollows, eminent archaeologist with a…

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Aug 14

Paying for Savage Zanzibar

Paying for Savage Zanzibar

Playing in the Victorian-era, even alt-history, one needs to deal with the money question. Not only is the value of money different, the names and interchange of money is also different. I did only cursory research, given that money was not the heart of the game, but here’s what I deduced for Savage Zanzibar.

Most of the explorers and merchants of Savage Zanzibar were still British. Although in…

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Aug 11

Having A Drink in Savage Zanzibar

Having A Drink in Savage Zanzibar

Originally, for Savage Zanzibar, it was going to be a European-style city in Africa, kind of like Macau was a Mediterranean city in Asia. That changed during the development, but before it became a German colony, I had completed some preparatory work. Specifically, I made a selection of pub names and descriptions that could be used whenever the PCs found such an establishment. I was going to do…

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Aug 08

Lives in Savage Zanzibar

Lives in Savage Zanzibar

Ewart Scott Grogan, explorer circa 1900

As part of Savage Zanzibar (a name I’m using now but did not use when I was working on the project), I created a selection of pre-generated characters. This was not due to the intrinsic linking of the characters to the plot (my usual reason for pre-gens in home game) but due to ease of use for the players (my usual reason for pre-gens at a con).

Here are…

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Aug 06

Savage Zanzibar

Let’s take a break about talking about Pandora Excess. Going through my old work getting nostalgic for some projects for other publishers that turned into total clusterfucks and led to nothing, I found a folder for a Savage Worlds Victorian alt-history/steampunk (I guess any steampunk is alt-history …) set in a Zanzibar colonized and administered by the Germans (due to an accelerated German…

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Aug 04

Pandora Lacks Strength

I am a fan of having basic attributes like the six stats of D&D as part of characters in my games. For me, it provides a way of accessing some fundamental image of the character, showing the character’s capabilities divorced of all skills, background, training, etc. It has served my games well, in my opinion.

It doesn’t seem to have a place in Pandora Excess.

Look at Borderlands– the inspiration…

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Jul 31

Talented Excess on Pandora

Talented Excess on Pandora

Along with Skills, Pandora Excess will include Talents, which will mix the Skill Trees and “rewards” of the Borderlands computer game. Like Borderlands, Talents will be organized into Trees, and these Trees will be tied to classes. Unlike Borderlands, there will be an option for a characters to access all the Talent Trees, even those which are not linked to their class.

As an example, here is my…

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Jul 29

Excessive Skills of Pandora

Excessive Skills of Pandora

Pandora Excess, in order to emulate the gameplay of the Borderlands computer games, is going to need to have skills. The skills (also known as weapon proficiencies) in Borderlands are all weapons related, and in a tabletop RPG, one needs a wider selection. As such, Pandora Excess will have both Weapons Skills and Mundane Skills.

The skills I’ve included so far are:

Weapons Skills: Assault…

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Jul 26

Collateral 35: Fear the Living

In the latest episode of Collateral, I talked to John Jessop about his zombie apocalypse RPG, …

Collateral 35: Fear the Living

In the latest episode of Collateral, I talked to John Jessop about his zombie apocalypse RPG, …