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Oct 20

Building Stuff: Inspiring

It’s funny, the question I hear/read a lot is: how do you come up with adventures. If find this odd because – as my home group will attest – I am constantly coming up with varied adventures, so much so that my group is often hopping between genres and periods. We’ve settled down now since I’ve promised a minimum of a year’s campaign, but I am still constantly mapping out adventures or campaigns…

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Oct 08

Losing the Battle to Win the Kickstarter

Losing the Battle to Win the Kickstarter

Okay, so here’s the deal – after talking to a lot of very smart people and doing some deep thinking, I’ve decided to put off the Nefertiti Overdrive Kickstarter until January. I’m honestly not happy about this, but I need to give it a fighting chance.

Even though it’s only a couple of months, it feels like an epoch trying to get this game off the ground. I was very ready at one point to pull the…

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Oct 06

Hierarchy and Choson

“A secret trip at night (야금모행)” by Shin Yun Bok (신윤복)

Okay, so during the Nefertiti Overdrive doubt delay, let’s look once again at Choson.

The four factors that I wanted to include in Choson included two mechanical decisions and two historical concepts: simplicity, narrative control, historical Korea’s strict hierarchy, and its disdain for warriors.

I’m not concerned with the two former, because…

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Oct 02

Putting the Overdrive in Park

Putting the Overdrive in Park

My original plan was to Kickstart Nefertiti Overdrive in October, that’s why I was pushing hard to get the Quickstart out in September.

I got the Quickstart out in September, but then realized Feng Shui 2 was Kickstarting until October. Feng Shui 2has hit almost $120,000 as of writing, and probably $130,000 as of publishing this post. It’s a great game, so I am not surprised at all by that amount.

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Sep 23

Free Stuff Is Popular - Big Surprise

Free Stuff Is Popular – Big Surprise

Since its release last Thursday night (18 Sep 2014), the Nefertiti Overdrive Quickstart has been downloaded 216 times. That doesn’t mean I have 216 backers for the Kickstarter because it’s likely at least half of those people haven’t even looked at it yet, but if we get 100 more backers out of this, it will have been worth the effort.

I’m working to make a better Kickstarter pitch for October,…

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Sep 18

Nefertiti Overdrive Quickstart

Maybe you’ve heard about this game of mine, Nefertiti Overdrive? Yeah, well, if you are interested in checking out a free Quickstart, …

Nefertiti Overdrive Quickstart

Maybe you’ve heard about this game of mine, Nefertiti Overdrive? Yeah, well, if you are interested in checking out a free Quickstart, …

Ease of Face Punchin’ in Choson

Ease of Face Punchin’ in Choson

From the movie the Shadowless Sword (Muyeonggeom) directed by Kim Young-jun

Last post, I mentioned two of the factors of historical Korean society that I hoped to include were I to do re-design my RPG Choson. But there are at least two other factors I want as part of the design. I can imagine anyone that has played Kiss My Axe or Nefertiti Overdrive would be able to guess.

Simplicity and…

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Sep 16

What Has Choson Ever Done For Us?

What Has Choson Ever Done For Us?

From the TV series the Hero Hong Gil Dong on KBS2

Revisiting and working through Choson – a role-playing game set in historical Korea – is a more likely outcome than working on Pandora Excess (needs new name) – a tabletop RPG inspired by Borderlands – because Choson would be closer in philosophy to Centurion and Nefertiti Overdrive. Chosoncould be a streamlined, simple system rather than a…

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Sep 12

Remembering Choson

Back in 2008, I made a game called Choson to run for the crew from Fist Full of Comics and Games. It was set, as might be guessed by the title, in Choson era Korea. Looking at it now, I am not impressed. It’s not that I think it was a horrible design, it was just that there is too much to it that does not follow directly from the purpose or philosophy of the game. Some of it did, but not all of…

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Sep 09

Skiffing the Sand

I mentioned on Google Plus that I am playing in the Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty downloaded content for Borderlands 2. I mentioned this because that part of the game includes sand skiffs, similar to what we saw in Return of the Jedi. But my initial excitement at seeing these vehicles wasn’t due to that connection, it was due to a connection to an Old School Hackgame run by Kirin…

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