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Jul 23

Wild Pandora or World War Pandora?

Wild Pandora or World War Pandora?

I’ve been thinking of the kinds of games I could run were I to complete the tabletop RPG emulating Borderlands I’ve started called Pandora Excess (working title). What struck me was that Borderlands is the Wild West while Borderlands 2 is Occupied Europe.

In Borderlands, you saunter into town, kill some bandits, and then fight a bunch of baddies and beasties in search of the mine/Vault filled…

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Jul 21

Robust or Needlessly Complex?

Robust or Needlessly Complex?

In thinking about Pandora Excess – an RPG concept based on the Borderlands series of computer games – I have come to realize it is not complex systems that I dislike, it is the pre-decided judgements that such systems seem to regularly include.

From Borderlands 2 Official Website

During the playtest of D&D Next/5E, I was thrilled with the game I was seeing in the playtest documents. That game is…

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Jul 17

Robust Pandora Excess

I have a problem. I fear that Pandora Excess, an RPG inspired by the Borderlands computer game, may need to be a robust system. I haven’t designed a robust system since I played with hacking d20/3E.

Here’s the thing: the design philosophy behind Pandora Excess includes over-the-top, cartoonish violence with fast combat and strong niche protection. These can all be done through a simple (or light)…

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Jul 15

Pandora Excess: On the Borderlands

Pandora Excess: On the Borderlands

I’ve been away camping for a bit, and while I did a lot of reading – all of it for work – I also did some RPG work. Given my avowed love of the Borderlands computer game, I did a very quick and basic RPG to use as a foundation for creating Pandora Excess, my RPG inspired by Borderlands.

Along with a design philosophy, there were some mechanical aspects of Borderlandsthat I felt I needed to…

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Jul 11

Borderlands on the Tabletop

Borderlands on the Tabletop

Elsewhere I’ve admitted to be addicted to Borderlands. I had a quick dip into Borderlands 2 last night, and I figure I’ll probably be hitting that soon enough. Other than loads of entertainment, computer games can also give one a lot of inspiration. What am I getting from Borderlands?

There’s not a lot I can draw from Borderlandsthat I’ll likely use for anything other than a one-shot. The story…

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Jul 09

A Team of Nefertiti Commandos

A Team of Nefertiti Commandos

I wanted to pop in and give an update on what has been happening on the RPG front over here at SEP.

NO_G+cover-photoI’ve received back the edits for the Nefertiti Overdrive Quickstart. I will be amending the text and then sending it to layout. I am expecting one more piece of art before it gets published, which should be happening around September.

The first playtest of Starship Commandoswrapped up. The system…

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Jun 25

Collateral 34: Graphic Designers in the RPG Industry

Talking to the Warden, Don Walton, Kirin Robinson, and Rob Wakefield about Graphic Designers getting in the RPG industry and the contribution they make to products.

Collateral 34: Graphic Designers in the RPG Industry

Talking to the Warden, Don Walton, Kirin Robinson, and Rob Wakefield about Graphic Designers getting in the RPG industry and the contribution they make to products.

Jun 24

Centurion: the Financials

I honestly thought I had already posted this, but when I went to look for it, I found it in my drafts. Now that the legendary Jason Pitre has posted about the money involved in his Posthuman Pathways Kickstarter, I really need to get this out there.

First, the raw numbers. Budgeted was what I was expecting when the Kickstarter campaign started. Projected was what I expected to take in and pay out…

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Jun 23

Starship Commandos - LC-427 the Landing

Starship Commandos – LC-427 the Landing

MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor from Halo Nation

Here’s a quick rundown of what happened in the first playtest for Starship Commandos. For those not in the know, Starship Commandos has the PCs as specialized troops in the far future who utilize power armour. This is as much for my gaming group as for your entertainment, but I hope it sparks some curiosity and maybe some inspiration.

The PCs are…

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Jun 19

Quarterly Sales for Fourth Quarter, 2013 and First Quarter 2014

Quarterly Sales for Fourth Quarter, 2013 and First Quarter 2014

Wow, I haven’t updated the Quarterly Sales reports for a while. Below I’ve included the sales reports for both Fourth Quarter 2013 and First Quarter 2014.

Third Quarter 2013 has the first instance of Sales through Distribution. Centurion: Legionaries of Rome got me a deal with Alliance for print distribution. Centurion and Sword Noirare available through distribution but are also available on…

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